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Arctic Communities Social & Economic Impact

destination-nunavutOur goal is to establish lasting relationships built on mutual trust and respect with Arctic communities located near where we operate throughout Canada’s North. In delivering a high-speed cable solution, our fibre network will:

  • provide a fast, reliable and affordable alternative to Arctic satellite communications
  • be available to all coastal communities in Nunavut, Nunavik and Labrador and enrich the lives of local residents
  • establish a secure network infrastructure for government, fisheries and regional authorities
  • create opportunities for expansion, trade, export, advertising and online revenue for businesses
  • allow access to online learning, careers and jobs resources for Arctic schools, colleges and libraries
  • assist hospitals, health centres, doctors and emergency services in their life-saving work.

By investing in communities, we’re committed to making a positive and lasting contribution. Nuvitik aims to employ regional contractors, provide ongoing training and work with the relevant agencies to create local jobs.

Nuvitik has consulted with various agencies and organizations including the Government of Nunavut, community landholding corporations, Kativik Regional Government (KRG), the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, Makivik Corporation, Nunavut Tunngavik Inc. (NTI), Nunavut Broadband, CRC (Communication Research Centre), the Innu Nation, the Nunatsiavut Government and Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami (ITK), the national Inuit organization of Canada.

Arctic Environment

cubs Nuvitik is committed to the conservation and protection of the environment, the minimization of pollution and waste, the use of environmentally friendly technologies and the preservation of cultural and heritage resources. We will ensure that our project activities do not interfere with indigenous wildlife or traditional land use activities.
Read our Environmental & Social Policy PDF

Arctic Safety

cable-laying The health and safety of our employees is our first priority. We are committed to conducting our operations in such a manner as to prevent work-related injuries and illnesses. We incorporate best management practices and, through the use of workplace audits, strive to continually improve the safety of our operations.
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Social impact

We aim to create a communications bridge from Canada’s North to the rest of the world, opening up possibilities for growth, enterprise and exploration. Our new cable backbone will bring financial and social benefits to the Arctic region on many levels:


Secure internal and external communications in line with other regional governments. Possibility of e-voting for elections. Centralized database of records. New cable network will provide infrastructure for initiatives such as cell phone provision. Further potential revenue streams from licensing of cable television/media providers and ISPs.

News, travel & weather

Enabling live local, national and international news headlines and content as well as video streaming from around the world. Potential of live weather monitoring, updates and reporting, including weather warnings. Airports will be able to display airlines arrivals, departures and cancellations as they happen. Online travel booking of flights and more.

Economic development

Improved communications for business, internally with staff and externally with customers and suppliers. Increased productivity using online business resources, video conferencing and data storage. New business opportunities by advertising online to global export markets. Possibility of e-commerce goods or services online revenue.

Health & support

Hospitals, clinics and health centres will be served direct with high-speed broadband connections. Increased productivity and administration. Centralised database of patient health records. Fast, secure data transport for life-saving and emergency response. Access to online health resources for hospital administrators and healthcare workers.

Education & training

Access to online learning resources for school administrators, teachers and pupils. Opportunities for distance learning. Online arena as an invaluable research tool. Opens up a whole new career set for students such as web design, programming, animation. Brings job applications throughout Canada and abroad within easy reach of graduates.

At home

New ways to communicate with friends and family by online chat and email, reducing isolation. Fast home broadband for internet access, surfing the web, gaming and streaming online content such as podcasts, video and movie downloads. Surf social media such as Facebook, Twitter. Access free online voice and video telephone calls.

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