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$7.4M CanNor funding for northern Canadian geoscience projects

Happy to announce $7.4M in funding for #northern #geoscience projects across all three territories https://t.co/Cw0dVtKgBr — Hon. Navdeep Bains (@MinisterISED) September 15, 2017 In Nunavut, CanNor will invest $2,672,335 towards geoscience projects focusing on mapping, permafrost infrastructure and seabed analysis, along with the development and promotion of geosciences in Nunavut. Nunavut funding comprises of: CanNor: […]


Four Northern utilities collaborate on Northern Energy Innovation

In his new post, as Northern Energy Innovation Chair at Yukon College, Michael Ross will coordinate collaborative research into renewable energy by four Northern utilities: Yukon Energy, ATCO Electric, the Northwest Territories Power Corporation and Qulliq Energy. Each are pledging $50,000 a year for five years, matched by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council […]


Kugluktuk solar panels offset $2K in diesel in first month

Kugluktuk solar panels have dramatically reduced the running costs of a Nunavut recreation complex. After just one month, the solar panels produced 1,680 kWh of clean electricity, saving about $2,000 in diesel fuel. The newly installed panels are expected to save the hamlet $9,000 in energy costs for the recreation complex per year. The total […]