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Connected North: Technology can reduce isolation

Being socially isolated from society can take its toll on mental health and lead to depression. Being geographically isolated from resources can make travel difficult if impossible and limit access to essential healthcare, information and support. Isolation removes opportunities for advancement, education, training and social connections that contribute to our wellbeing, self-esteem and mental health. […]


Ottawa’s $500-million ‘Connect to Innovate’ rural broadband program

The Canadian Government is to target ‘backbone’ Internet connections with a $500-million ‘Connect to Innovate’ rural broadband program. The program will emphasize funding for projects to build “backbone” networks, as opposed to “digital highways that move data in and out of communities.” About Connect to Innovate This program supports new “backbone” infrastructure to connect institutions […]


Canada declares high-speed broadband a basic human right

Canada has declared high-speed broadband internet access a “basic telecommunications service” that every citizen should be able to access. Previously, only landline telephone services had received this designation from Canada’s communications regulator, CRTC, and the change is supported by a government investment package of up to $750 million to wire up rural areas. “The future […]

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