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KRG Isurruutiit program gives Nunavik $100 million for infrastructure

KRG Isurruutiit program Nunavik will receive another $100 million over the next five years to improve their local infrastructure program managed by the Kativik Regional Government. “The Isurruutiit Program is a positive response by the Gouvernement du Québec to the essential needs of northern villages for municipal infrastructure. The renewal of the agreement and the […]


Northwest Passage voyage for Crystal Serenity cruise liner

The Crystal Serenity ocean liner set sail on its landmark voyage through the Northwest Passage. The 32-day trip luxury cruise departed from Anchorage, traveling north through the Bering Strait and across the Canadian Arctic, making stops in Greenland and the northeastern United States before docking in New York City. The 253-metre Crystal Serenity is the […]


Kugluktuk solar panels offset $2K in diesel in first month

Kugluktuk solar panels have dramatically reduced the running costs of a Nunavut recreation complex. After just one month, the solar panels produced 1,680 kWh of clean electricity, saving about $2,000 in diesel fuel. The newly installed panels are expected to save the hamlet $9,000 in energy costs for the recreation complex per year. The total […]

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