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Tele Greenland’s cable break delays and setbacks

Tele Greenland’s cable break delays and setbacks

Greenland suffers from two damaged submarine cables.

The submarine cable fault located south of Sismiut is causing traffic north of Maniitsoq to be served via a radio relay link. TELE Greenland has taken measures to free up capacity such as suspending the 4G network.

Customers north of Maniitsoq and as far as Kullorsuaq are experiencing a significant slowdown in home and mobile internet. In some cases, voice calls have also been affected.

Meanwhile, repairs to the cable break between Nuuk and Qaqortoq that occurred on 27 December are estimated to take far longer than the three to five weeks originally expected, due to lack of cable-repairing ships. Greenland is in the unfortunate position of suffering two damaged submarine cables and unavoidable impact on its communications.

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