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Broadband backbone for rural and remote communities

Broadband backbone for rural and remote communities

A total of $104.06 M of federal funds have been allocated to date from the Connect to Innovate program. Launched early 2017, the program is invest $500 million in rural and remote communities across Canada, with a focus on supporting new broadband backbone infrastructure projects that connect public institutions like schools, hospitals and First Nation band offices. A portion of funding is also available for backbone upgrades and last-mile projects connecting underserved households and businesses currently lacking service at speeds of 5 Megabits per second (Mbps). Supported projects in Nunavut, Ontario and Quebec aim to improve satellite connectivity.

Supported broadband backbone projects that have been allocated funding so far:

Nunavut – Northwestel – 25 communities $49.9 M
Ontario – Bell Canada $4.03 M
Ontario – Rapid Lynx Telecommunications $37.1 M
Quebec – Solutions Ambra – 10 communities $10.51 M
Quebec – Solutions Ambra – 1 community $2.52 M

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