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Iqaluit Mayor calls for Nunavut fibre for economic prosperity

Iqaluit Mayor calls for Nunavut fibre for economic prosperity

Iqaluit Mayor, Madeleine Redfern, calls for Nunavut fibre connectivity to meet the territory’s increasing internet demands. She claims that Nunavut is forced to depend on a desperately slow satellite internet service. The current connectivity crisis is crippling the territory’s economic development and government operations.

High-speed Nunavut fibre

The Iqaluit mayor is lobbying hard to bring high-speed fibre internet connectivity to Nunavut. She cites by way of example Greenland’s capital, Nuuk, just across the Davis Strait from Iqaluit, which enjoys high-speed, fibre-optic connectivity, Greenland Connect, operated by TELE Greenland. Greenland Connect is a subsea cable system that connects Canada at Milton, Newfoundland and Labrador, with Nuuk and Qaqortoq in Greenland to Landeyjarsandur, South Iceland.

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