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Imappivut marine management plan by Inuit for Labrador coast

Imappivut marine management plan by Inuit for Labrador coast

The Government of Canada and the Nunatsiavut Government have formed a partnership devising the Imappivut marine plan to manage the ocean around northern Labrador. This is a historic commitment, and one that will ensure protection for future generations of Inuit.

The Imappivut marine initiative

Together, the two governments are advancing the ‘Imappivut’ initiative – which means ‘Our Waters’.

“The Imappivut initiative is about recognizing Labrador Inuit connection, knowledge and rights to our ocean. It is about respecting our history and current needs by partnering with the Government of Canada to develop a management plan that ultimately improves the lives of those who depend on the water and the ecosystem itself. We look forward to starting this process by gathering information from Nunatsiavummiut for the management plan and working with the Government of Canada and other stakeholders to realize the expectations and interests that Labrador Inuit have for how the ocean is managed.”

Johannes Lampe
President, Nunatsiavut Government

For more information, see Government of Canada Governments of Canada and Nunatsiavut Launch Partnership to Protect Ocean in Northern Labrador

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