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$7.4M CanNor funding for northern Canadian geoscience projects

$7.4M CanNor funding for northern Canadian geoscience projects

In Nunavut, CanNor will invest $2,672,335 towards geoscience projects focusing on mapping, permafrost infrastructure and seabed analysis, along with the development and promotion of geosciences in Nunavut.

Nunavut funding comprises of:
CanNor: $2,672,335
Natural Resources Canada: $1,802,000
Government of Nunavut: $1,306,000
Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada: $860,000
ArcticNet: $180,000
Universities: $50,000
Total Funding (Nunavut): $6,870,335

Funding will support a series of projects in Nunavut, including:

  1. Geological Research for Responsible Natural Resource Development
  2. Mapping Climate Change and Permafrost
  3. Infrastructure Mapping
  4. Capacity building and public education

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