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CeltixConnect 2 and North Sea Connect plans underway


Dublin-based network solutions provider Aqua Comms has revealed plans to develop a diverse, high capacity submarine cable system from Dublin, Ireland, to Manchester and the Isle of Man, UK. The CeltixConnect-2 fibre-optic system is designed to complement the existing Irish Sea submarine cable network CeltixConnect-1. The new cable, which will provide onward connectivity to New York (US) and London (UK) via Aqua Comms’ America-Europe Connect (AEConnect) submarine network, will support transmission capabilities of 8QAM, 16QAM and beyond. Formal survey work for CeltixConnect-2 will commence in Q3 2017.

In addition to the CeltixConnect-2 project, Aqua Comms is in the preliminary stages of developing the North Sea Connect cable, which will connect the northeastern part of the UK with Denmark across the North Sea.

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