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The Arctic Network Nuvitik cable fibre connecting Canada's North

Fibre-optic cable backbone is the Arctic broadband solution
fibre optic cable In partnership with federal and regional governments, Nuvitik aims to build a fibre-optic subsea cable communications infrastructure in Canada’s North. We will serve coastal communities of Nunavik, Nunavut, Labrador, Côte-Nord Quebec and the Northwest Territories. The Nuvitik cable bandwidth will be delivered from at least two directions at any time to insure against any break in service. High speed, low latency and multiple figure-8 design are factored in for a long-term, robust, innovative Arctic broadband solution.
Nuvitik cable direct to coastal communities and key sites
Nunavut Nuvitik cable The Nuvitik broadband network will deliver bandwidth that will exceed current Arctic requirements with the capacity to meet future needs. We will bring high-speed broadband direct to community sites such as hospitals, schools, libraries and government offices as well as large businesses such as forestry, fishing, shipping and mining companies. Nuvitik is collaborating with stakeholders, landholding corporations and indigenous organizations to enable the integration, innovation and fielding of emerging technologies.

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